weekend walk

November 13, 2012

it really wasn't quite a walk, barely more than than a wander.
away from the job site, across the dirt road to the mysterious bit of land
that's home to a caving in shed, an intriguing pile of metal, and a long leaf alley.
it's just a bit of nowhere that makes one think of all the space between and beyond.
( the reservations, the proletariat quarters, the other side of the glass wall. )

the summer swamp has dried up and is more of a thinly veiled boggish sort of spot.
the red and gold and orange leaves have all gone brown and crunchy.
the crackle, crunch, swoosh underfoot... it's very necessary.

and then i turned around and the house is there.
it was never there before, but it's making its presence known.
with a roof and windows and the feeling of being solid.

i owe you a real home tour of where we are to date.
construction is interesting to stand in, but the photos all look the same...
seas of two-by-fours and hints at a future shape. the walls are all still imaginary.

xo. r

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