mollie makes

December 26, 2012

i've been keeping this one under my metaphoric hat for a bit, but i'm very pleased to share
this how-to article i did for mollie makes magazine... 
everything you need to know to make your very own snow white squirrel!

mollie makes is a beautiful UK lifestyle & craft magazine,
available at newsagents, craft stores, and itunes newsstand.
pattern templates are easily downloadable here.

it was my first time shooting step-by-step photos, and i found it rather difficult
to break out of my sewing reverie and set up all the shots. but live, learn and honor your deadline.
as i think about what words to put down here, i am feeling a little shock that, not only is my pattern published,
but my photos as well. something about old dogs and a new tricks comes to mind.
funny where life takes you when you let it.

i hope you get a chance to grab a mollie makes, some fabric, a needle & thread,
cozy up under a blanket and get stitching!

xo. r

3 notes:

  1. eek! i feel like i won the lottery getting a free template to make a squirrel cutie. thank you!

  2. oh, wow! congrats, regina! how marvelous!