in good company

January 23, 2013

between work and building our house, patrick doesn't often come home until very late evening. so for most of the day, this is the company i keep. three dogs, a camera and a house with unpredictable light. january vacillates between bright white light and a blue grey veil with none of the warm yellows of the summer. the misty mirror was found in this house by the previous owner, and i am torn between leaving it in its home, or taking it with us. part memory, part love of the cloudy speckled silver.

i'm very used to life here. it's hard to wrap my head around such a big change. you know?

xo. r

3 notes:

  1. the mirror is a reflection of you & no was your gift to keep...
    you can't, quite, trust that anyone else will take such good care of it.
    LOVELY post
    beautiful babes (ALL of you)!

  2. At first the new house/life may feel so new and different that you'll wonder whether it will ever fit "just right", but then one day it will hit you....this place feels like HOME. When I first moved into the "woods" I had about 2 months of wondering what the heck I had gotten myself into, but somewhere around the 4 month mark it started to feel like a pair of comfortable old shoes. Change is hard, for sure, but in the end you will be so happy you were brave :)

    P.S. Love those dog beds!

  3. Oh yes - do take the mirror with you. It has reflected your life for so long, don't let it miss the next chapters!!

    Besides, it would be horrific if someone inherited it and painted it screaming yellow or something. ;-)