window wall

January 21, 2013

we spent the weekend at the house - a downright balmy saturday and a wickedly cold sunday. the door walls are finally in and they are amazing. watching the light change in the house makes me giddy. the house was designed to shield the summer sun and take on all of winter's light. once the protective sheeting on the concrete is removed and the drywall is up, it's going to bounce light around like crazy.

i spent most of the weekend cleaning up the site with shop vac and broom and hauling away all the detritus that gathers. at the end of the day, with frozen limbs and an impenetrable layer of gritty sawdust, you're quite sure the only true salvation lies in an abundance of hot water. long, hot shower to the rescue.

i don't think i've shared photos of the main stairway yet. thick cut slabs of reclaimed wood will float between two walls. up above, we've got some spectacular industrial spotlights found at one of last summer's flea markets.

otis and guin came with us... they have yet to figure out that this is a house and not a walk. they are remarkably well behaved on the site, and enjoyed looking out the dog-accessible windows. i joked at one point that we should have buried an electric dog fence in the concrete to keep their little noses from smudging up the windows. i suppose i'll just buy stock in window cleaner instead.

ever so slowly but definitely surely.

xo. r

4 notes:

  1. regina -
    i can't get over how CUTE Otis is in that parka vest. Just want to squeeze that little dog.


  2. Congrats!
    Even for the reader like me, it's exciting to see it all come together!

  3. what a hoot! the first thing i thought when i saw those beautiful windows was the doggy nose smudges that would soon cover the bottom 2 feet or so. My windows are covered in love smudges; i've got 4 beasties.

  4. It looks like a dream house! Wide open spaces, big windows, floating, you are doing it right. I can't wait to see it all done!