February 8, 2013

our old gal on her wobbly pins.

she's a stubborn old coot but as loyal as they come. while the other dogs play musical beds, she sleeps faithfully in our bedroom. (lucky us, she can outsnore a rhinoceros.) she loves to roast in front of a roaring fire, but will settle for a heat vent if necessary. she has a funny little dance she does when she's excited. it's almost heartbreaking to see her pat her little paws on the ground. and she's never learned to cuddle properly, instead leaning all her weight into one of your more sensitive vital organs and glaring at you as if you're doing something wrong. she has no qualms about blowing snot in your face either, so it's best not to get too close... unless you're particularly fond of the smell of old fish.

part of what i love about having a blog is being able to look back at the little things. the things that sometimes fade with time. and i don't want this little bump to fade, ever. we're at a point where i sometimes find myself checking to see that she's still breathing. i just want to hold on tight. you know?

xo. r

5 notes:

  1. Oh how I know how you feel. She is absolutely precious. My sweet Libby is almost 11 years old (half Jack Russell, half Beagle)and is not doing well as of late. It scares the daylights out of me and I can't imagine life without her. Like you, I have a bazillion pictures and memories of her, but never want to lose the actual her!

  2. oh, bump! i can relate. i wish i had taken approximately eight thousand more photos of maya while she was still around, even though she always had the exact same "ah, a picture of me!" face in each one. treasure that grumpy old hound. what a character she is!

  3. my goodness, that last photo is amazing. what a sweet soul ♥

  4. I love her little stretch! I know how you feel. Riley is getting old and gimpy :(