air and water

March 26, 2013

oh, how i love my air plants. oh, how i slowly torture them all to death. i've never quite gotten the hang of their watering schedule, but i can't keep myself from trying. those whirligigs of green give me such a little thrill. and while i have a new crop of victims (one in bloom and one with a wee pup burgeoning from it's base) i also have a new experiment... marimo! a ball of living moss that grows underwater. for all intents and purposes it looks an awful lot like i tossed a pom pon in a jar of water, but i've found that during the day they (there are actually three, you can see the two little ones in the last picture) float and bob and move around the jar. since air plants and i don't quite see eye to eye, perhaps my underwater baubles will prove more amenable. persevere!

xo. r

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