March 5, 2013

drywall has started at the new house. i knew it would make a big difference... white walls bounce light a whole lot better than plywood and pipes. but with just a partially finished ceiling, you can see the change in the light already. when the thick black protective paper comes off the floor we're due a lot more light bouncing. indoor sunglasses may have to be worn. unironically, of course.

the upstairs windows let in a ton of sun. it's almost like standing in summer. i feel winter getting to me this year, but a few minutes in a square of strong sun makes me feel almost human again. you know, the kind of animal that doesn't hibernate for the winter. downstairs, patrick's been building me a floor to ceiling bookshelf. the drywall will go right over the metal pipes so the whole support structure will be hidden. a huge bookshelf was literally the first thing on my must-have list. checked that box.

picking out tile has been overwhelming. luckily the showrooms are packed with a million things i don't want. we have things narrowed down to a simple palette but exact size & ratio is proving a bit trickier. we'll get there in the end, i hope.

xo. r 

3 notes:

  1. it looks INCREDIBLE! such awesome light, and floor-to-ceiling built-in bookshelves are an absolute dream. (i trust you will source the ideal library ladder with which to reach the high shelves.) my nerd-brain instantly went to a place of being very excited to see which organization system you choose for the books - by color? all covered in kraft paper? or the traditional (not to mention practical) choices of author's name/genre, etc. i so wish i could pop round to help...

    1. thanks! we are so excited to see things come together. we do have a couple of ladders in store, not sure which will end up with the bookshelf though! and after a few years of trial and error, i am strictly a traditional bookshelf organizer. (color sorting was lovely, but i found i didn't always remember the books correctly and spent ages looking for a certain one.) however i'm pretty sure my rather large book collection will look rather paltry on this many shelves!

  2. i'm loving seeing your house s.l.o.w.l.y come together.... [smile]