white on white

March 19, 2013

drywall may be the least romantic word i know, but is it ever lovely stuff. we are drywalled and mudded and sanded. (some pictures are pre-mudding, some post. please bear with my wonky timeline.) i love what it does to the light. the house is awash in light. floating in it.

1. the view from the garage entrance. because as much as i insisted that nobody ever uses the front door, apparently it's just too strange not to have one. (a few pictures down you will see the sheets of styrofoam that are currently standing in for the front door because umm, we actually still don't have one. these things take time. lots of time. funny story: they accidentally made it with a commercial push bar the first time around. whoops.)

2. dining room / living room / fireplace / wood storage. also a place for a/v equipment since that was another thing i was unable to convince the powers-that-be wasn't necessary. we, apparently, need lots of it.

3. drywall dust and stairs. i fully appreciate the ocd-perfect tape strips that are holding down protective coverings until the dust settles. (which, after looking at all this dust, may be never.)

4. the front of the house. with a missing drywall panel for futzing around with the upstairs shower drain and the makeshift front door. someday...

5. master sweet. no, not a typo. it's a sweet suite. also, here's my new best friend mr. shop vac.

6. our front yard lake... no, that's not supposed to be there. and a peek at my future studio (erm, barn). okay, really future. because once we finish the house i'm sure nobody's going to be jumping up to start a new project right away. in the meantime, i'll use the lovely light filled room on the right. and i can hardly complain about that. also, it's the warmest room in the house, so i may not have icicle fingers and frostbit toes! of course it will be summer by the time we move so that may be a moot point.

we're getting there. quite slowly, and not always surely, but step by step.
home sweet someday home.

xo. r

2 notes:

  1. love this "building a home" series....

    i didn't used to like white walls 'til we had our house built. now i adore the starkness....but i still have painted "stamps" in the corners, and many taped favourites on the walls....

    so happy for you.

  2. seem to be having a few troubles with posting comments here... trying to straighten that out! xo. r