in which i admit to hoarding

April 10, 2013

in the two years since we decided to build, i have been collecting things for the new house. we're lucky enough to have a barn on the property to store things in... it makes it easier to avoid direct eye contact with my vintage hoard. but as i was making on of my rounds, patting random things and picturing where they might end up, i thought i would share with you the bald reality. frightening and exciting isn't it?

- the huge industrial spotlights - there are three of them - will hang over our stairway.
- the rotating hardware bins will end up in the mudroom gathering shoes and leashes and random flotsam. those were snagged by patrick from our local hardware store for free!
- patrick also managed to get the flat files (i think there may be seven sections of them) tossed in for free with another deal. the boy knows how to bargain.
- the wood pegs were saved from our barn beams to be reused as a coat rack in the entry way.
- i may have to admit there are in fact, three drafting tables stored away, and i don't know where any of them are going. i believe patrick has claimed the largest for his office.
- the school house lighting fixtures will hang in the kitchen and over the dining room table.
- and i'm sure the factory shelves will find a home in my studio holding fabric.

not shown are any number of mid century chairs, a real slate chalkboard, a postal sorting cabinet and a card catalog, a few easels, orchard ladders and any number of smaller items i've put away, just in case. also, there's a cement donkey. because every home needs a donkey?

there you have it... i'm a hoarder. let's not even get into the fabric stash, okay?

xo. r

5 notes:

  1. Oh my goodness, no YOUR goodness! You have a lovely stash of fine goods!
    Really,I have always wanted large metal hardware bins and the smaller counter top nail/screw size that match.
    I keep an eye out for this sort of thing whenever I go to swaps/thrifts/everywhere!
    Of course every home needs a cement Donkey.
    Note: I may not be objective about the Donkey as I just brought home a charming cement Raccoon Sunday.

  2. your place will be in need of all these marvelous things, so that is not hording. this is being reasonable. the industrial spotlights, holy canneloni, gorgeous. the wood pegs though, they make you look a tiny bit vampire slayer goes moving ;)

  3. everything will fit nicely into your new home and then you'll need even MORE so you'll have to go out bargaining again....!

    i love EVERYthing you have collected. [let's not call it "hoarding"....]

  4. Once you get all those lovely finds into the house you will be so glad for your hoarding :) Those metal lights are amazing!!

  5. I am very jealous of your amazing finds and I hope you post pictures when they are in their proper places in your new home.