a month of progress

June 5, 2013

↑ in truth, the most important thing that happened during may was the return of the green. those bare trees waving around like a forest of bone just haunt you after awhile, and i started to wonder what all the windows were for. but with the first whisper of green, the feeling of home bloomed wild in me.

↑ mostly this month, we painted and painted and painted. the paint is exactly the same color as the primer, which results in rather a lot of squinting and getting nose to nose with the wall trying to remember if it's been painted or not. the beams all have to be cut in by hand. fun! also, the wood pile seems to have come back. which is good. it means heat. but it also means more work. cut-haul-split-haul-stack. more fun!

↑ we had an oopsie... one window leaked. it's been fixed and we've stared at it and scrutinized it with every raindrop since. it seems okay now but i would feel better if you all cross your fingers. the wood floor has been delivered. we decided on ash for its color and durability. the arrival of the wood was in the hooray pile until it dawned on me that all that wood had to be moved upstairs. lots more fun!

↑ things - real things - are finally moving into the house!! the bar cabinet makes up one wall of the kitchen (the remaining drywall has since been finished, the doors still need to be put on.) all those lovely cardboard boxes will eventually make up the other three sides of the kitchen. (the finished concrete floor is covered with plastic to protect it a bit. so sad to see it get covered up again.) i hauled in all the boxes myself and found myself wondering why we needed so many drawers when we own about 8 plates and 6 coffee cups. hmmm.

↑ the porch is still my favorite place to be. the light is gentle. the leaves rustle. the wild turkeys occasionally pop 'round the corner and surprise you. we had our very first meal at the house right on the porch. pizza & beer. elegance be damned, that was one of the best meals, ever.

↑ there she is, peeking through the trees. still a long way to go, but we totted up our need-to-do list to get occupancy, and it's really much shorter than i thought. trying to squash that christmas eve feeling so i can concentrate on what needs to be done in the here and now. but my, is it nice to dream about it.

i had an incredibly gratifying moment when my little nieces got to see the house for the first time. when they got to the living room, they just started twirling around, the way little girls do. and i sort of wanted to cry... because that is exactly what i dreamed of. a home where the little ones could dance and play and ride their tricycles through. a place for muddy feet and living room forts. a home that rings with music and laughter.

this week: bathroom tiling. installing lighting. and of course, more painting.


3 notes:

  1. It is truly a gorgeous site to see! You have done an amazing job and can't wait to see more! I am so happy you are blogging again. I am a silent stalker of your blog and shopper of your site. you have a great eye for things and have inspired me in so many ways! -Katie

    1. thanks so much katie, it's always a pleasure to see you here! while i enjoyed my time off, i am glad to be back with fresh eyes and renewed enthusiasm. you gotta refill the well sometimes, you know? xo.

  2. So happy to see the house updates return! I'm loving every single thing in your photos. You are getting close!!