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June 3, 2013

i have been neglecting you dear. i've always intended to offer you a few more sneak peeks of pieces that are coming to the shop. and yet, i don't want to drown you in it. and of course, i'm a little more higglety-pigglety in my new listing schedule than i'd like to admit. (it's not really so much of a schedule but a spontaneous flinging of wares onto the shelves.)

so, here's how this summer is (hopefully) going to go. one big shop update a week... on tuesday. (i'm not going to kid myself and try to set a specific time.) and on monday (see previous sentence re: specific time) i'll post a sneak peek of some of the favorite pieces coming to the shop this week.

so maybe you want a price? maybe you want to call dibs? shoot me a convo or an email ( and i'll get you set up like it's my job. (wait, it is my job. i have a great job.)

what will you see in the shop tomorrow? the loveliest little things. curls and pearls. birds and beasts. fans and wee air plant stands (née jello molds).

what do you think? sound like a plan? want to shake on it?


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