sneak peek

June 10, 2013

tomorrow's shop update has some seriously great antique string holders, tiny little trinkets, the most delightfully demented wind up toy i have ever come across, a surprising amount of red, and a goat.

i am quite pleased with the goat, for i finally seem to have gotten the proper playful irreverence stitched in. although, i may have cursed a bit after deciding to stitch her coloring... i favor a small delicate needle, and after a long sewing session the eye-end of the needle starts to go right through my permeable fingertips. (ah, perhaps you've heard of a little invention called the thimble, you say? i've tried and tried. the most good it does is convince me to move on to the next naked finger and torture that one for a bit.)

it's grey and dour here. i think i'll spend the rest of the day with a steady coffee drip and the aforementioned needle. i do like mondays best of all.


3 notes:

  1. I do the same thing when I place a thimble on my finger to hand sew binding to a quilt. I have no idea why... Love the string holders! -Katie

  2. hi Regina! hope you're well. very funny bit re' the thimbles.. I too opt for pain. nuts! really love the antique double spool holder above.. love to purchase if still available? btw, my partner and I are moving over to LA soon-ish. anyway, pls. drop me a line whenever free re' shipping info. giotta X (

  3. what a sweet goat. i too have trouble embracing a thimble. i just need to pay attention as sometimes i prick myself and don't even notice anymore, but then need to not bleed on my stitching!