unfinished and imperfect

June 21, 2013

there is always a lot of unfinished and imperfect in this home building process. and those two words are very difficult for me - that un-word and that im-word. the piles of wood, the unhung lights, the hoses, electrical cords, two tread stairs. that freaking stump. but there is beauty there, too. and this will all pass. things will get done and we'll forget where we've been. (we have forgotten so much already.)

because in just the past week... the lights have been hung. the electrical plugs and switches installed. the stump (and she is rather beautiful with those curves and feather roots) dragged away, and nine loads of dirt have brought the front yard up to level. the bathrooms have been tiled and the kitchen cabinets are beginning to be installed. 

and strangely, i find myself reaching back to hold on to where we've been. i shouldn't worry too much. those hoses are sure to remain for a good long while. and i'm certain i'll think the wood piles look fine where they are, when the time comes to move them log by log.

making my peace with the imperfect. i even resisted the urge to crop mud and rags out of the photos. baby steps.


3 notes:

  1. making peace with *imperfect* always holds a lesson for me....

    loving that your house is coming together so nicely.
    and that stump. goodbye stump. hello new dirt.

  2. hello! i've been following your construction and love it. i came across some heavy duty industrial light shades and am wondering if you found the one in this picture whole or if you had to find parts for it? i am looking for the top part of the shade for a few lights and have come short with my search!

    1. hi there... that one i found complete. but old small-town hardware stores and electrical supply houses are great places to find spare parts! best of luck with your search!