July 2, 2013

the details of the house are starting to come together and my heart is leaping with each little delight. frankly picking out lighting was terrifying to me. it's been the hugest sigh of relief that i am loving our selections... both the vintage and the new. the biggest and best pieces are still to be hung and i'm on the edge of my seat. and okay, in some cases i completely gave up and just ordered the same thing for multiple rooms. let's call that a simplified palette rather than utter defeat.

this glass & brass globe light was so very 60's mod when sitting in a box, but i found a matching pair of them in lovely condition, and took a chance. so there's now one in each of our closets, glamming up the future heap of clothes on the floor (never, ever learned to put my clothes away nicely.)

the doors are hung. salvaged from the jeep truck engineering building where both my father and my husband worked. we managed to snag the solid wood doors from the executive offices, hardware and all. for a long time i refused to get excited, just in case they didn't turn out. (lordyloo, i hate being disappointed.) but they are hung and they are oh!my!god!hooray! amazing. okay... a few handles need to be tracked down, but i happen to know someone who loves a good vintage hunt... points at self.

this big industrial fella was bought from the nicest old guys at out local flea market, and hangs on the wall outside patrick's office. a similar fixture was found to light the adjacent stairway.

and this bathroom was the darkest room in the house until the lovely bright white tile. the contrast of the wood door just utterly made it for me. we have an antique oak teacher's desk squirreled away for the sink... i think i might plan to be busy the day it needs to be moved up the stairs. (for shame!

hope you're not too terribly tired of these little peeks and tours. now that we're well past 2x4s and bare wires, i am really starting to imagine life here. also, a cat. i'm very focused on the important things, yessir.


4 notes:

  1. Positively gorgeous!! Not to tired of little peeks at all! I hope you keep them coming! -katie


    i *never* tire of the tours....

  3. tours for days....oh Regina. I love it all.

  4. The tours are my favorite posts. I love love loooooove those saucer like industrial lights in the living space. So many good flea market finds. Your hoarding and planning is finally paying off! The doors are beautiful, too. All of it is SO WELL DONE. Congrats to you. It's finally happening :)