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July 24, 2013

today is in island in this sea of endlessly hot summer days we've been sweating through. i woke up and opened every single window. i found a shirt with sleeves. and the light was lovely and clear, floating in on a soft breeze.

today's to do list involved something like 1200 clicks on the camera. even though moving day is frustratingly always just a little farther off, the number of things there are to move seems increasingly frightening. as soon as we have some sort of moving date set, i will also be setting up a big sale over at the shop, so keep your eye out!

i thought we could have a different sort of sneak peek today. treasures to come... but in my lazy, hazy way, i'm never certain quite when. it will be the best kind of shop update, lots of stuff i've been dragging my feet on because i love it and i want to own just a wee bit longer. (but then i fear i seem to have lost track of the purpose of being a vintage shop owner. oops.)

1. machinist's chests. three of them, all different. this one has the most heavenly aroma of wood shavings and oil and perhaps a few secret cigars. it's a heady and wonderful scent. when my husband smells like this, hands rough from work, i just go bury my head against him and inhale.

2. vintage coral. strong and delicate. the most beautiful patterns are always biological.

3 & 4. barnyard folk and forest folk. wonderful toys that rarely survive ebullient little hands. i've apparently been accumulating herds of them.

5. lots of buntings coming. new phrases. including a treasured parting word from one of the most talented writers i've ever known... persevere! (oh, nick.)

6. rodeo professionalism. a tooled leather briefcase from a gentleman who traveled with the rodeo circuit. he gave it the fondest goodbye pat as i carried it away. well loved. (i have not yet decided if i can part with the matching carry-on satchel. buttery leather makes it hard for me to think straight.)

7 & 8. strings of beasties. i am fond of hanging treasures, the way they spin and sort of take your attention with them. tug, tug, tug on your wandering thoughts.

oh, i must apologize for chatting you to death. i must be delirious with delicious weather. cliff notes version: here are some pretty things that will be in the shop soon!

xo. r

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