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July 15, 2013

arriving in the shop tomorrow: bells and birds and books and boats and bitty animals.

so maybe for a b-theme that last one was a stretch. i haven't finished my coffee yet. (if you want sense, you'll have to make it yourself.) we are in for a hot and stormy week, but i've borrowed a window a/c unit to temper the fierce heat in my attic sewing space. i hope to reemerge on the other end of this week covered with a thin veil of snipped threads and nursing worn out fingertips.

hope you've all got a great week ahead of you! stop by for vintage browsing, half finished sewing and a cool waft of conditioned air!


(hey mom, remember i was asking you about staghorn ferns? that green antler looking thing is a picture of a staghorn fern. i'm thinking about trying one on the wall of the covered porch!)

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