weekend work

July 8, 2013

did you have a wonderful weekend? were there sparklers and starry nights and simple food paired with icy cold beer? this is the month when summer is wild and wonderful and the heat of the long day is forgiven with a quick shower and a lingering evening meal al fresco. when our hearts are as big as the day is long.

i love these days of bare dirty feet and berries plucked straight from the bushes. though i must admit, with home building still in progress, we've had little time to enjoy summer this year and we try to fulfill ourselves by talking about next year's summer... when we'll be sitting on the porch, not putting the siding on it.

still, even working through the holiday weekend, there was plenty to celebrate. the vintage crouse hinds spotlights were finally installed over the main stair. scored from a summer flea market two years ago, (for an unbelievable steal) i had to beg to get patrick to agree to these. not because he didn't like them but because we hadn't even finished clearing the site yet. luckily, he loves them and has been even more anxious to see them in place than i have!

the major appliances have also been finagled into place and the kitchen is starting to take shape. there are only two people i know who could figure out how to move a 600-lb range by themselves. one was my father... the other one i married. (i may not be able to contain myself from putting something into the kitchen drawers soon. a spoon. a plate. anything. i am fixated.)

so tell me about your holiday weekend, please. your smile and laughter and fireworks. (tell me.)


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