dog days

August 26, 2013

long, slow summer afternoons have been few and far between this year. but after a weekend trip to see family & attend a gorgeous outdoor wedding, we took a day to just putter 'round summer style. there's nothing more entertaining than turning the hose on our two water-loving ladies. otis turned tail (i use that word loosely, our frenchies have very little in the way of tails) and hid behind a cooler in the garage. i coaxed him out again to get hosed off, sudsed up and rubbed fluffy again. three clean doggies... weekend win.

5 notes:

  1. This made me chortle for awhile! We haven't really done the whole "hose down the dog" detail, probably because we're surrounded by dirt, but Bran is determine to take out the impact sprinklers in the orchard when they're on. Ha!

  2. so sweet.
    that first one of bump is achingly adorable.

  3. don't they love it?!
    and clean in the end: the bonus.