four legs good

August 20, 2013

1. part cow, mid grass tasting | 2. guess which one ran into a wall | 3. loves her boys, likes bump a whole lot, puts up with me | 4. always makes the best faces | 5. takes his self-appointed property surveying job quite seriously

3 notes:

  1. aaah, bulldog-love! We have an english bulldog, Ebony. Our frenchie, Martha, unfortunately, we lost in 2008, at the age of 4. We still miss her. All the best of luck with your 3 beauties! :-)

    1. aww thanks! i lost my first frenchie (pig) just before we got otis and i still miss her all the time. they just wiggle their way to a permanent position in your heart, don't they? kisses to ebony... love those smooshy dogs.

  2. they do! ;-) kisses for ebony delivered.