un. deux. trois.

August 1, 2013

un: just how is it the month of august already? time's gone all wibbly wobbly on me and i no longer remember what point of the year we're in or even what point of the week. i'm fairly good at mondays, but after that it's all a guessing game. i'd blame this on an unnatural immersion in solitary work, but the truth is, i was losing my grip on time when i was still semi-unhermited and working in an office environment.

deux: it's amazing how much better a hair cut will make you feel about yourself, no? i'd let my bangs lapse into a near sheepdog state and thus had been rocking a sort of hedgehog mess of pins and ponytails for the last month or so. i finally rectified this yesterday with a cut and coif and my-oh-my do i feel fine today. (additionally, there is nothing like the first shampoo after a hair cut. it's like washing an entirely different head. novel!)

trois: new! mobiles! not just for little ones! why should babies get all the pretty things to look at? these have been hanging in my bedroom for the last week and they make me smile every time i walk into the room. also, quite nice to have a little lie in on a sunny morning and watch them dance around. sure, let the babies look at them, but put them somewhere you can enjoy too. (they're in the shop now! images linked.)

have a wonderful august, please. that last summer hurrah with sneaky adventures tucked in every spare moment. even if that adventure looks suspiciously like an afternoon snooze in a hammock.

xo. r

2 notes:

  1. After the painstaking process of curling my hair yesterday for my grad ceremony, I need a haircut. Plus, my bangs are past sheepdog stage and straight to Cousin It status. Sigh.

  2. un.
    hot hot summer and for some strange reason i am loving it.

    i'm lazing about today and must get busy cleaning the house. *that* will boost my spirits, of that i am sure.

    LOVE the new mobiles. love all things oh.albatross ....