we went salmon fishing and caught a trout

August 8, 2013

that thing where your mom reveals a deep desire to go salmon fishing, and your husband is oddly resourceful and discovers your heating & cooling guy is really. into. fishing. and you somehow find yourself roadtripping across the state through the land of incomprehensibly huge windmills to the tiny fishing towns where every gas station, restaurant or shed is proudly bedecked with a sign that says, "budweiser welcomes fishermen!" and you wake up early in a pea soup fog and sleepily nod along to a discussion about how to blindly navigate a rather large boat through a wall of white. the sun comes out and so does an array of fishing rods that to my needle&thread oriented mind look like some kind of giant knitting device. and while the salmon apparently had other plans for the morning, one trout found himself duped by a man in a windowless van giving away free candy. (otherwise known as a deliciously stinky bit of bait.) there was a whole morning on a boat and all the blue ever and the way the wind whips when it's on the water. there were photos with fish, a lengthy discussion on filleting procedures, and a gorgeous afternoon back on dry land where the entire town stopped to watch a freighter mosey on through.

that whole thing happened last weekend. the fish was delicious.


1 notes:

  1. i know this. i know what this feels like, the deep desire and the waking early and the ultimate end, the fish so tasty.
    it all sounds like life with mister pencilfox.