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September 9, 2013

this is just a little press announcement to let you know that letterpress keychains will be back in the shop tomorrow! lots of letters to choose from. (i am obviously rather partial to the one in the first picture.)

this run is made with hammered metal hardware and antiqued brass key rings. each letterpress block is finished with a hand crafted small batch oil and lobster clasps will be available to add to suit your clasping needs. (i like to use the lobster clasp to attach my keys to my purse handle so they don't sink to the bottom of my bag... affectionately known as the black hole.)

i'm quite chuffed with this set and i'll do my best to keep them in stock a little more regularly this time around. i like to pretend i'm not actually flying by the seat of my pants most days... but let's face it, i run entirely on whims and fancy. but i quite fancy letterpress keychains and i am so glad you do, too!

xo. r

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