progress and process

October 16, 2013

such a photo heavy post, but it was a glorious afternoon at the house and i got carried away. so much progress has been made on the exterior. mostly, just the overhangs and covered porch left to go... both to be covered with that lovely barnwood siding. the sidewalks around the garage and the driveway will probably wait until next year. (falling leaves are near impossible to deal with.) i find myself particularly impressed with the grass. hand seeded. every single piece of it.

the garage has become a workshop. but it gets tons of light during the day and is really a pleasure to be in. we wanted our utilitarian spaces to be as much a pleasure to work in as the living spaces are to relax in. 

inside... it's a bright white space of chaos. most rooms seem to have acquired a ladder or some tools or  a project waiting to be done. and the kitchen is 360 degrees of almost-done. and the things that are finished are covered with plastic or cardboard to protect the surfaces while we continue to work. it's an exercise in imagination, but all that looking-forward-to never gets old for me. 

upstairs the wood floors are finally all laid with the exception of a few tricksy pieces here and there. being able to set up a work room upstairs saved a lot of time. (but again, more chaos.) next, we will buff and finish the floors with a voc-free white oil. 

patrick has pretty much been a one man miracle worker on this house. not only has he taken on the general contracting but he's done about 50% of the building... all while working full time. i really don't know how he's holding it all together and i can't really find the right words to say what an incredible job he's doing. but the end is in sight (or at least a certificate of occupancy) and i know he's looking forward to the first morning of waking up there as much as i am. 

thanks for following along with our project! it's absolutely a dream for us to be able to do this and i love being able to share the trials and triumphs with you. big thanks, for sure.

xo. r

4 notes:

  1. it is beautiful & amazing & inspiring.
    can't wait to see the next phase.
    and i always love a photo-heavy post.

  2. regina, it looks incredible. that's a dream house for sure. your taste is impeccable!

  3. Regina, I know we used to chat from time to time, but it's been a while since I've visited your space. Your new home is so amazing! I remember the post when you first starting talking about building, and look at it now! The siding is so dreamy, and absolutely adore your built-in in the kitchen. Your new home looks like it has some space around it, I'm guessing it's not in Royal Oak :)

    My very good friends is due to have her baby in a week and I'm planning on getting her little guy one of your creatures for his first Christmas.

  4. It's looking fabulous - you are so lucky.

    Stay happy.