this awkward life

October 23, 2013

i always forget that sometimes the very worst part of certain projects is the requisite headshot. because i am very nearly the most awkward person on earth this is endlessly painful for me. (here is my theme, well it's not a song... so theme sentence? watch.)

i'm ever thankful for camera functions like self-timers and remote triggers, because hell might freeze over before i asked my husband to help out. (that, and i'm neither a waterfall, nor a tree, which completely rules me out as a subject he might be interested in pointing a camera at.) to understand the extent of my awkwardness, i managed to be embarrassed and awkward to the point of blushing in a room all by myself. (also, for more awkward fun, my 7-year-old self had to write a script to deal with making a phone call to find out if the library was open. i hope the automated answering service appreciated all the effort i went to.)

and then i laughed at myself and managed a bit of fun and even a semi-usable photo. but in my opinion, the head shots turned out best without the head. i thought you'd enjoy my elbows and then we'll get back to strictly dog photos.

xo. r

3 notes:

  1. haha - these are awesome. perhaps we should have an awkward-off; i think it might be a tie. thank god i don't have anything requiring headshots.

    1. and for a tie breaker we can have walking across a crowded restaurant in slippery shoes.