peace and spirit

November 13, 2013

a fox at peace with the coming winter and three new house spirits… just added to the shop! (and oh, how i love that little fox in her layers of white.) also, a few dear ones will be making their way to the shop as well.

and, of course, it's time to start stocking up for the holiday. pretty little tinsel puffs and feather birds. i'll do a holiday post shortly. but as i do sort of cringe at the early holiday prep (for goodness sake, christmas bits and bobs have been showing up in the shops since well before halloween. and the halloween candy was available before school started up in the fall … where does it end?) i won't make too much of a shenanigan about it here.

xo. r

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  1. *you know* i love me a wee white fox who's at peace with the coming winter….