an update of sorts

December 10, 2013

it's been one of the craziest holiday seasons yet with lots of sewing, lots of shipping, lots of finishing up projects at the new house and lots of packing (while at the same time trying to keep a functional home and shop). truthfully, i am starting to fray a little.

but this is the exhilarating, chaotic and joyful kind of stress. where good things are happening and there's a lovely big change on the horizon. the kind where you fall down exhausted and laughing with it. i'm not sure how many more shop updates there will be before christmas, but i snuck in a lovely little one today. you know, for fun.

there is a luck rabbit & a winter fox to claim. a whole collection of big antique keys and a few dear ones. an antique hanging scale that is just all kinds of perfect. and an attack sheep to guard your holiday hearth. get'cher holiday shopping on, my loves!

psst… what do you think of the blog's new look?

xo. r

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