friday fuzzy

December 13, 2013

i have been promised a cat, but i think i might need to upgrade that to a fox. seriously. (i was worried friday fuzzy might turn into friday frenchie. but it seems friday foxy was the real threat. umm, sorry?)

xo. r

(photo by chris balcombe)

5 notes:

  1. How cute is that !

    In Central London I have lots of foxes coming and going in my garden. 4 cubs earlier this year but none as sweet as that - they do make the garden smell tho' and pee and crap everywhere unfortunately.

    1. i expect most of my theories on cuddling with wild animals are seen through rose colored glasses. for instance, as i child, what i desired most was a baby pig on a leash. (although, i always think that dream was pretty much fulfilled when i got my first french bulldog. prettiest little thing. i named her pig.)

  2. may you receive your heart's desire….

  3. Your heart will totally explode with this:

  4. Heh, funny you should want a pig. When I was 10 or so I used to help my grandmother, who lived close by, with her pigs and various sorts of poultry. I begged my parents for a pig of my own but all I got were 2 tiny felt pigs, one in dungarees and one in a frock. I was deeply disappointed. I still have one of pigs half a century later. There is something especially beguiling about piglets.