December 11, 2013

on november 22, 2011 i posted about our decision to build a home.

a little over two years later… we are finally moving in!!  waiting to hear if we passed that final inspection was worse than waiting for christmas morning to come. i may have cried.

we are both totally overwhelmed with excitement, happiness and a heavy dose of relief. just vibrating with it. and so excited that we'll be able to spend christmas morning here in our dream house.

thank you all so much for following along, commenting and commiserating. there is still lots of work to be done to finish up the house, but to finally wake up and have coffee there… it just doesn't feel real.

long, deep sigh.

7 notes:

  1. i think you need to frame that "sigh" and hang it on the wall of your new house ♥

  2. oh, Regina...I'm so happy for you and Patrick and the doggies!!! xox.

  3. enjoy this new step in your life! Enjoy everyday of it!

  4. i've been waiting for this....for you and your family....so happy for you!

  5. congratulations from berlin too! this house really does look, like a dream come true. may it be filled with love and laughter, much more than anything else.

  6. huge, giant congratulations. can't wait to see more :)