friday fuzzy

January 24, 2014

friday fuzzy is back! and even though it's been awhile, i think it will come as no surprise to you that i would love a pet duck. in fact, the only reason i find myself daydreaming of a well-feathered chicken coop is so the duck will have somewhere friendly to hang out. duck, duck, smooch.

happy friday you lovely things.

xo. r

(photo by shelly mosman)

3 notes:

  1. That photo reminds me of this:

    Amazing, right?

  2. ducks are good company….and they lay nice eggs….

  3. we ♥ ducks. we have raised & released 3 wild mallards after finding their abandoned eggs.
    here's our first, back in 2010:
    i'll send you my tiny incubator if you want to give it a try! ♥