studio chatter

January 29, 2014

workspace peek! (naturally those drawers are mainly filled with paper… oh, how i love paper.)

my studio space is divided between two rooms… one for sewing and computer work. one for shipping,  photos and inventory storage. finally organizing actual shelving for all the vintage inventory was a minor miracle. i don't know why i waited so long!

today, over at the little dog blog you can peek into my sewing workspace and then i gabble on about inspiration and process and finding fabrics and all my favorite things. you should definitely visit… claire runs one of my favorite vintage shops (little dog vintage) and runs a great down-to-earth and totally inspirational blog (the little dog blog). she's the real deal and sweet as can be. 

i'll share more photos soon!

xo. r

4 notes:

  1. Aw, Regina thank you for the kind words. So honored to have been given a peek into your world.

  2. seems as though you also love tape.
    and tape dispensers.
    are there seven?
    headed over to little dog now...

    1. umm, are we counting the ones on the table behind me? yes, maybe i like tape too. it's made out of paper… a natural extension of one's collection. (i also like string and scissors. happy mundane!)

  3. I love your chest of drawers, what a great find!