a look back

February 25, 2014

february was a whirlwind month. a catchup month. a month of relentless winter.

slowly, slowly our space is coming together. rooms are more, home. a daily routine is starting to fall into place. (there is, i confess, still a mattress and a bike in the laundry room along with unpacked boxes. like i said, slowly.)

there are lots of pretty new things coming to the shop. and in between the bits of old, bears and bunnies and alpacas, too. little previews trickle thought my instagram feed, it's a great way to call dibs on a piece before it hits the shop. (find me here.)

i am looking forward to march. while i don't dare to hope for a warm one, i am looking forward to the promise of spring. seasonal shift.

xo. r

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