a dream come true

March 3, 2014

pretty darned excited to be etsy's featured shop this week. it's a huge honor, and when i let myself stop and drink it all in for a moment, it's something i'm immensely proud of. this wee little shoplet of mine, i'm proud enough to take it out for ice cream. (fortunately there's a pint of haagen-dazs squirreled away in the freezer and i don't have to wrap the shop and i up in scarves and mittens to have a celebratory treat.)

you can read the interview here and take a few new peeks around the studio, too! it's almost like having you all over for an open house!

xo. r

(and, umm… if you're in the mood to shop, there was the biggest shop update in the history of shop updates this morning. there are some fabulous pieces just waiting to be scooped up!)

6 notes:

  1. i was so excited to see you were the featured seller!
    maybe you need to make yourself cozy in your studio & enjoy that ice cream
    surrounded by your dear ones & other treasures.
    congratulations! ♥

  2. congratulations!

    my wee fox and coyote are prouder than proud to be ohalbatross in origin….!

  3. Congratulations! That's huge! But not a surprise…I love your shop! (and your blog, and your little ones….) ;-)

  4. Soo excited for you!! Have been following you for at least a couple of years now or longer -- before you started your house at least. Was so fun to do a double take when checking my own shop this morning --- hey wait!!! I KNOW OH ALBATROSS!!!! :-) Congratulations!!

  5. congratulations Regina!!! your studio is perfect! and the light in there is just so beautiful! giotta :)

  6. Oh did I forget to tell you I booked a flight? See you soon. ;) In all seriousness, it's all so gorgeous, I can hardly process it all in my brain.