on dropping the to-do list

April 9, 2014

sometimes to-do lists are very important to structure the day and see at a glance what must be done. and sometimes, to-do lists are just words on paper, easily dropped for a spur of the moment walk at the end of the day.

it's really just a sort of leftover wasteland from an earlier gravel pit kind of operation. but it's been untouched for years and yesterday, it was the perfect wild & barren place to explore. scrubby brush and tumbling hills with marshy lows and a collection of bird life reveling in a haven of discarded land. the space between was filled with silence. (one man's trash is another's treasure.)

the dogs ran free and climbed small sandy mountains, and then patiently waited while their feet were brushed clean again afterwards. naturally, i forgot my own pant cuffs and dumped out a small load of sand in my closet later that evening. almost perfect. sigh.

xo. r

3 notes:

  1. *still perfect*.
    [i have to remind myself of this when mister pencilfox carries in pocketsful of sawdust from the sawmill....]


  2. It really got to me.... Touché!