four burners

April 24, 2009

a friend of mine went to see david sedaris this week and shared this thought with me. i'm putting it into my own words, but the gist should be about the same...

life is like a four burner stove:
one burner is work.
one is family.
one is friends.
and the last is health.

in order to be successful, you have to turn off one burner. and in order to be truly great, you have to turn off two burners.

so which burner would you turn off? i can't even begin to think about turning off two.
because when i do think about turning off two, what i end up thinking about is how much sacrifice the "truly great" have to make. 

i think i'm totally okay with just being okay.

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  1. thanks, now i have even more to think about, great