weekend newness

April 26, 2009

here's this weekend's new dining table centerpiece.
bet you can't guess how much i spent?

not a cent! a branch scavenged from the backyard and a few gathered bits and pieces from around the house. fresh and free. nothing makes me happier.

and in other weekend news, my beautiful new
card file|flat file|file cabinet. found in a dusty corner of an architecture salvage shop, it's now packed with all my supplies. paint, paper, knitting needles, everything has a drawer!
and the best part?

i paid for the whole thing with a christmas gift card i've been hoarding (thanks john and annie! best christmas present ever) and a refund debit card that was proving difficult to spend.

i am one happy camper.

4 notes:

  1. sweet! what a cool cabinet. it fits so perfectly there, too! how cool is that? how cool that we could be a part of getting it to you?
    super cool looking, too!

  2. please tell us where this shop is..i'm so curious. this cabinet is awesome

  3. you know when you drive down main street in royal oak, and there's that pretty yellow house that says antiques, kinda tucked behind the train tracks? but there's no road to get there? that's where it is. 116 e. seventh street.

    it's full of crazy, covetable things. patrick thinks i'm nuts.