pour l'amour du papier

April 9, 2009

i must confess my love for paper. prints, notebooks, scavenged patterns on random paper, pads of paper, books, envelopes, notecards, old ledger books.
i have more paper than i can ever fill up.
but i love it and can't help myself. 

a solution: how 'bout i look for paper lovelies and 
post them here? pretend i have them? maybe you can buy them? 

so here's some paper etsy nomad finds for the day...

1. green and white notebooks from comfortableshoes.
$8 for 6 notebooks? that's such a steal.

2. coffee stain jotter from paperlibrarian.

3. a really great print that i've loved for, like ever from dazeychic.

4. an odd little zine from lorihutchinson.
you can color it yourself, but i love her illustrations as is.
and i can never color in the lines. 

those are my etsy nomad finds for the day.
buying handmade kinda rocks.

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