h-erb or erb, that is the question

April 11, 2009

silly little bits of plants. or, that's what i used to think. now, i'm finding them irreplaceable in recipes and bring home little plastic boxes of them from the grocery store every week. honestly,
 the waste is ridiculous. money, plastic, too much or too little of said herb. and no, i dried herbs are not the same. there is no substitute for fresh basil sliced in pretty little green strips. mmmm, lovely.

so i'm gonna grow some. but what to plant them in? don't have much room for a big old planter. but i do have room for this:

(via apartment therapy via real simple) some genius took simple glass vases, lined the base with rocks for drainage, then dirt and herb plant. don't want to see your dirty little secrets? wrap the outside with craft paper and tie with twine.

pretty. simple. fits on a sunny windowsill. 

i'm in. 

2 notes:

  1. there's no comparison for fresh herbs! you are totally right! I loooove the scent of fresh rosemary. oooh, fresh dill. so good.
    if you really like real simple, i have a subscription! you can have the already-reads.
    : )

  2. i'm definitely doing these herb jars... just need to round up the correct vases.

    and i'd love your already-read real simples! i love magazines, but can't seem to keep up with them when i have a real subscription!