stabbing it makes it cuter?

April 17, 2009

needle felting: if i'm understanding it correctly, you stab a ball of wool over and over with a barbaric looking group of needles. but seriously, it makes some of the cutest creatures.
here's some needle felted etsy nomad picks for friday.

weird little fellas from kitlane
(i can just picture their impish little noses poking out from behind books and corners.)

a wee hedgehog from marjji.
and i have more than a wee craving to own him.

mama and baby elephants from tecopia.
small and sweet.

had enough cute? how about some felted functionality?
a soft nesting bowl set from blackbirddesignhouse.
there are lots of colors to choose from, i'm just feeling rather neutral today.

[i've been scavenging for a needle-felted lovely to add to my home. i'm leaning toward hedgehog or soft bowl set. any thoughts?]

3 notes:

  1. i'm leaning toward the bowls. and i'm wondering what to put in them. i'm thinking something soft OR something prickly. which would you do?
    : )

  2. i almost want to try making the bowls myself. maybe cutting the pieces out of a vintage wool sweater and then felting them. but i've got my hands full of projects right now!

    they would be great for watches and jewelry and things you don't want to get scratched. but prickly is interesting too... like those dried seed pods that stick out in all directions and rattle when you shake them?

  3. i love those seed pods! i also collected some odd little spiky ball-things from our walks. i don't know what they are, but their yard was full of them.
    do you need me to look for wool sweaters when we thrift? i could get them for a buck a piece if the tag color is right!