Small Cool on Apartment Therapy!

April 15, 2009

We've entered Apartment Therapy's Small Cool contest - and we're up for voting in the "small" category. So give us thumbs up! We're entered as everyeskimo's hideaway! Only a day or so left to vote - hurry hurry!

Here are our entry photos:

The living room in all its sunny glory.

The dining room shares an abbreviated wall with the living room. They have a good flow, but are still separate areas. It's surprising how many people we have fit into this tiny area!

The kitchen. It's nearly impossible to fit it all in one shot. Not because it's so big, but because it's shaped so oddly. Particularly with that strange little nook in the back corner.

"Master Bedroom." Okay, that's a joke. It's not very grand, but it's a nice place to wake up.

My secret upstairs studio. Super comfortable to work in, even if the ceiling is only a hair taller than I am. 

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