May 22, 2009

i do like mornings. really. it's just hard to remember when mornings = work. but today, morning has nothing to do with work and the windows are open, the light is coming in and it's the perfect amount of cool for sipping a latte.

(i did, on purpose, choose the bedroom that gets the morning light. it makes waking up, pretty.)

this is how i like morning, clean, white, quiet and simple.
(flickr: marin)

a completely random side note:
these mushrooms come up in our yard. at first i thought they were cute, but as they kept coming my teeth started to grind. this picture makes me wonder how they ever annoyed me. who is really lucky enough to have their own private fairy ring. and it circles the sedum. who knows what little woodland creatures are hiding between those thick green leaves?
(flickr: rivera')

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