paper, ginko style.

May 21, 2009

i do have a ridiculous love for stationery items. yummy, yummy papers and envelopes and little bits and pieces. (i hoard them and can barely bring myself to use them because i love them too much. and well, you really only get to use them once, right?)

ginko papers has some really, really cute things i could easily add to my stash (i'm restraining myself, but just barely.)

bunny train tape! ooh so cute.

modern cherry blossom letter set

classic green notebook.
(these are beautiful and hard to find. the paper is a tad slippery though.)

little lion notepad. rawr.

falling leaves envelopes. sold out, boo.

it's a lovely shop. i visit at least once a week to drool. mmmm, paper.

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