black. white. and about a thousand shades of grey.

May 5, 2009

do you ever wander through a flea market and see boxes of old pictures? i needed some for a project and found a big box of them for just a few dollars. and as i'm snatching up my find, it occurs to me just how sad this is.

most of the pictures are carefully labeled shots from family vacations. every place they went is penciled in that spidery old handwriting. and now their memories are floating around unwanted. at least until i came into the picture.

and now i have a whole box of fading memories. and i'm starting to wonder about the people in them, and how their pictures came to end up at the flea market.

the edges of the photos had started to curl so now when i open my art books, old photographs come fluttering out of the pages. (they've been pressed into service as, well, a pressing service.)

it's sad and lovely and sweet. but it makes me happy to have dipped my toes into their story just a bit.

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  1. I so agree with you. You said it much more eloquently than I would have. It is sad and lovely and sweet.
    Next time you are over you can see my baby girl. We rescued her from a thrift shop. It's five black and white photos of the same happy, chubby, curly-haired little girl. I couldn't resist her. I wonder who she is. She's the sweetest little thing.