a leg to stand on...

May 25, 2009

a little something new for everyeskimo:

a three-legged deer. a little bit of nature that could use a little bit of nurturing. he's a funny little guy with hand-embroidered fawn spots and hooves. head over to the shop to see some more pics. 

side note: just came home from two hours at the emergency vet with otis. poor guy hurt his back and was shaking in pain. the yelp that came out of him was so, so, sad. and frightening. he's all doped up and i'm exhausted. and thank you to everyone who helped me today. (mom, john, annie, patrick. all my love.)

1 notes:

  1. We're so relieved Otis is okay. We were all worried about him. Poor little guy. I'm sure you felt put through the wringer, too. What a scary experience...We love you!