tee vs. dress

May 26, 2009

time for another tee vs. dress. 

notebook series hands tee from newduds
latte classic dress from lamixx

yes, i know my taste in dresses runs a little on the plain side. but for an everyday tee&jeans girl, all that wind on your legs is distracting enough without adding ruffles and bows into the picture. 
i do sort of need this dress. think of all the fun things i could hide in the pockets! 

3 notes:

  1. i vote for the shirt, it is really great!

    lani :)

    p.s. i am adding your blog to my list of favs~

  2. Dress! Super cute and comfortable. You could wear it while browsing at a bookstore and lounge around in it later at home reading the book you just bought. Really adorable.

  3. thanks for the votes, i'm so torn on this duo.

    lani: hi and welcome, you're blog is sweet. i love wish-list wednesday (what a clever name!) and thanks for adding me to your faves!