a sneaky peek!

May 18, 2009

i have been a very busy girl these last few days. very, very busy...
here's a quick peek at just a few things to come at everyeskimo!

such a whirlwind weekend with gardening and lowe's and garage organizing and lowe's and dog walking and yoga and lowe's.

(i think i've caught on to lowe's secret. you can not go there just once. no matter how small the project, you must go at least twice. and once you start going, it's incredibly hard to stop. maybe there's a 12 step program for this, because i already have to go at least once more this week. ugh.)

1 notes:

  1. LOOOOOWE'S!!!!
    So true. We were there and back sooo many times during John's vacation. It's inevitable.
    Guess where we went this weekend? Your ultra-cool antique/salvage shop. I loved it. It was so different and eclectic and fun. Ben thought it was like a giant search and find book.
    Everything upstairs is half-off right now! We still walked away with nothing, but I really enjoyed the experience of looking around. You have to look in each room twice, I think, so you don't miss anything. I can see why you love it there.