it's a cephalopod, you!

June 12, 2009

a little octopus made from wool felt. he's in the shop!

2 notes:

  1. darling--he looks just like his sketch! good job! : ) and he's grey, so I automatically love him.

    cephalopod anecdote:
    A few weeks ago, since he had answered correctly as to who shot Lincoln, I wondered if he knew who killed President Kennedy. He wasn't sure. Thinking I'd help him out with a hint, I said "Who's your favorite octopus?" (certain that he'd pick Oswald, that adorable blue octopus voiced by Fred Savage that he used to watch on Noggin, and from there he would remember the rest) Ben screwed up his face in concentration, and then blurted out "Eight-armed Willy?!?" I about died. I laughed so hard. (Eight-armed Willy is from Flapjack. I never would have guessed that. And where did he think I was going with it? Did he think Kennedy was assassinated by an eight-armed man? Or just someone named Willy? It was funny at the time....)

  2. i chickened out on the bunny helmet... perhaps next time. i was so overwhelmed with legs and things!

    it was an armed man. depending on how many guns he was carrying, it could very well have been an eight-armed man. (oh boy, that was lame.)