polar ice capped.

June 1, 2009

head goes here: polar ice capped.

the latest in the delightfully morbid line of headless sweetness. the seals and penguins think this is a vast improvement on polar bears. and being stuffed with fluff, instead of fish, my nose thinks this is an improvement as well. he's in the shop!

3 notes:

  1. Another bit of brilliance from everyeskimo! Loves it!

  2. ah, thanks! of course i think he's funny. but my mom keeps insisting it's just "not nice".

    just for her, i'll be posting some just plain sweetness in the shop later today!

  3. now that you mentioned them, I really want to see a headless penguin, too! i love how you can get them to stand up. (everything i make has to lean on someone or something else.)
    you're so creative! who else would think of headless?
    i forgot to mention it earlier, but i really love "i hate you". it sums up my entire high school experience. you nailed it for all of us suffering souls.