getting dressed: the j.crew method.

July 29, 2009

according to my latest j.crew catalog, the trick to getting dressed in the morning is to blindly reach into your closet and pull out six entirely unrelated items. this is then called a "designer collaboration."

exhibit 1: possibly the tamest.

exhibit 2: exactly which weather conditions would call for a trench coat and rolled up shorts?

exhibit 3: what the [drop f-bomb here]?

exhibit 4: all meetings go better with cutoffs.

exhibit 5: perhaps shorts, tights & heels are the perfect getup for romping 'round meadows.
i can't comment knowledgeably about this. 

exhibit 6: pretty sure if she lingered on a bench too long, she'd be hustled off for being homeless.

i've been toying around with the idea of getting dressed by the j.crew method. i'm not sure i'm brave enough, but i sure am curious about the results. this is not to be confused with the "engendering creativity in 5-year olds" method, as that often results in several shades of pink and sparkles. 

i greatly suspect that confessing my confusion with the "styling" of a mainstream catalog has given away just how un-cool i am. damn.

4 notes:

  1. Oh I dunno, remember the childhood story about the emperor is naked..... don't be afraid to look at the way a model dresses and say, that's stupid!

  2. remember all the wacko outfit seen on runways doesn't translate into day to day wear but it does translate into shopping which indirectly translates into sales......

  3. i do find all the individual pieces utterly wearable... it's just the layers upon layers make me feel anxious!

    i can't help but giggle when i think about getting dressed that way. i just may give it a try some day when i'm in the right mood.

  4. The above two anonymi are imposters