wednesday worries and off-switches.

July 28, 2009

yet another completely random worry in my completely random life.

random leap: one of our dogs has an off switch.

meet bump:

she's a real kissy-face. an oh-my-god-i-can't-believe-how-much-i-love-you,
wouldn't-you-like-some-more-kisses french bulldog. don't try to avoid her kisses, she'll scratch you right in the eye.
get back here, i was kissing you. 

there's two ways out of it.
(1) grow a beard. she's not hot on kissing stubble. or...
(2)hold her under the armpits.

i've tested it over and over.
no hands = kisses.
hold her paws = kisses.
hold her under the pits = no kisses. 

a french bulldog with an off-switch? this has to be marketable.

7 notes:

  1. Her name is LOUISE!

  2. I never understood why admitting you have a favorite kid is so bad. We have friends and amongst them we elevate one to the status of a best friend. It doesn't mean we don't appreciate the others, just that we don't like them as much. People have kids, and none of those kids are going to be perfect. Amongst them there will be one whose flaws you don't mind as much and becomes your favorite. It is only natural. If kids only had an off switch so you could turn off your non-favorites.

  3. 1. I think I guessed who Anonymous is
    2. There is an easy solution to your dilemma: just have one child. That child is always your favorite, no other children have hurt feelings. Works for us. Easy-peasy. Problem solved.

  4. I've had a favorite dog. It helps if you just have two and each of you have a different favorite. I think that's why I recently felt compelled to get another dog after we lost my favorite. I have no insight on the kids leap, though, as my solution is planning to not have any.

  5. yes, i sort of suspect we're just going to keep on collecting dogs and ignoring the frenzied grandmothers' pleas for children.

    anonymous should be posting soon. :)

  6. Ahem!

    There WILL be grandchildren.
    I will exercise veto power on their names.
    They will be as nice as the neighbor kids.
    You will be allowed visitation.

  7. Furthermore, grandchildren are the only legal form of revenge that I know.