the good word. (i like words.)

July 20, 2009

along with cubby-holes, i like words. reading them, writing them, looking at them. it's just a small obsession. well, maybe it's a little more than that. because considering art by the square foot... the greatest percentage of art in our home is umm, words.

do words count as art? that may be debatable. nonetheless, they're all over our walls. here's one of last summer's projects:

the fruits of my labor? a rather large tribute to the shortest, most concise book ayn rand ever wrote. (so concise in fact, it's almost suspect that it came from the very same hand that penned the weighty atlas shrugged and the fountainhead.)

that book, is of course, anthem.

4 notes:

  1. Handdrawn type? Your stoke lines are showing. :) Didn't appreciate the typography til I looked at the full-sized image. Kerning that all must have been a blast.

    I thought that there might be a secret code buried in the text. So I've been squinting my eyes and only reading the dark grey letters. No luck so far.

  2. imperfection was an important element... or else the whole thing would have only served as a mechanism to ensure my insanity.

    secret code? i wish.

  3. I love these pictures. You submitted them to apartment therapy, no? I must know, what color are your walls? I love that you have so many plants. Do you find that to be difficult with dogs? I always worry that if I invest in a plant large enough to sit on the floor, I'll find that the dogs DIG in the pots. Also, can you give us insight into how you created the art? Is it canvas? Wood? They appear narrow. And I love the texture. I also really like the spacing of the words and lines, and the different values to the hues - from a distance they are almost multi-colored. So much to gush over!

  4. beep beep. yes, our house was in this year's "small cool" contest on apartment therapy. i was so stinkin' excited to be part of it. we didn't get so far, but i totally blame that on the lack of mid-century modern furniture. (not that i wouldn't kill for a few good finds!) all in all, a joy to be a part of!

    the walls are ralph lauren's tenaya green. it suits the light in our house rather well. and i haven't had any problems yet with dogs digging or eating the plants... which is lucky considering bump views grass as an all-you-can-eat buffet.

    the "art" (i always feel rather presumptuous calling it that!) is on canvas. i did each of the letters on a separate square of paper and lined it all up and held it down with a thick white paint. then more and more paint to get a good texture. we do have a lot of green in the house, so i really like the way the gray and white break it up. and considering i'm not on commission, it was budget-friendly too.

    okay, now i have to go worry that the dogs may have gotten the idea to dig in the pots. (umm, we built a deck over the hole the miniature shepherd dug in the yard. but i'm thinking we've only got that option once.)